About Us

بهین یاب تجارت

Optimizer is an information and service portal for industry, mining and trade. At Behin Yab Tejarat website, we have reviewed the industrial, agricultural, service and other types of justification plans and provided you with new plans tailored to your needs.

This portal is a single window to provide information and services required by industry, mining and trade activists, which has been launched by the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade.

Why Trade Optimizer

Honesty and integrity are two important characteristics of professional ethics for a qualified consultant. Some people unfortunately prefer short-term and immediate benefits to long-term and lasting benefits. We believe that honesty is the biggest policy in the business world because by creating and mutual trust, it turns the applicant and the consultant into long-term business partners.

Risk reduction is one of the goals of using consulting services. But if the consultant does not have enough knowledge and experience, the result will usually not be the desired result. When the consultant does not know or does not have enough experience, he can not use or transfer it. Nearly thirteen years of teamwork in optimizing the business and carrying out various projects has given us the confidence to tell you that we have enough knowledge and experience. We do not promise, but if we promise, we will act. The plague that is sometimes seen among counselors is that they make promises and take on tasks that are beyond their power. In such a situation, the consultant wants to take the project at any cost, when in fact he is not able to execute it. These types of projects are doomed to failure because they are either fundamentally outside the scope of the consultant’s authority or practice or there is no executive capacity. These projects may generate short-term receipts (first installment or down payment) for the consultant, but because they are not done, they damage the consultant’s credibility. We do not promise for our own credit, we do not take on a task unless we can do it.

We believe that our interests will be maximized only when the interests of the applicant or the employer are maximized. We believe that our interests and the interests of our applicants are not mutually exclusive, but long-term. In other words, we try to prioritize your interests and we are sure that our interests will be served only if your interests are protected.

One of the most important issues for investors and entrepreneurs is keeping information and ideas confidential. Failure to disclose a new idea in the field of venture capital (VC), secrecy of the formulation of a substance for a project in the field of chemical industry, etc. The results of a study in today’s highly competitive market can be valuable and even vital for actors in that field. . As consultants, our first task is to be trustworthy of your information and ideas and to prevent any information leakage.

Core values

درباره ما

Optimizer Business is committed to continuously, accurately, professionally and compassionately following the process of registering individual clients and clients and responding to all steps 24 hours a day. Privacy and respect for the rights of individuals and clients are also important principles for this group. Our group considers honesty and transparency as the basis and basic principle of its activity and considers itself obliged to observe these principles in all matters and stages by continuous and accurate monitoring of the work process.

Our organizational values ​​include the following:

Commitment to honesty, integrity and professional responsibility in counseling
Acting on the principles of proper investment and for comprehensive and sustainable development in the country
Serious efforts to preserve the environment in the country
Respect and commitment to the needs and wants of all stakeholders
Respect for human resource development and encourage individual ability and creativity
Continuous learning and improvement
Open and transparent performance
Participatory decision making
Empathy, accountability and honesty at work

About the name and logo

Symbol designed to record the saddle; It brings together a number of lawyers who have formed a group with unity and one color. In the midst of this consensus, we have the symbol of the famous Iranian-Islamic octagon, which, while showing official and organized activity; It also shows the importance of paying attention to religious and cultural issues. The font used in the logo is optional; That the special independence of this group and freedom of action and expression within the framework of the law; Sharia and custom are mentioned.

بهین یاب تجارت

Horizon 2021 vision and mission statement

درباره بهین یاب

We will be a growing and excellent investment consultant and one of the top ten investment consulting companies with the ability to provide services in accordance with national and international standards by using specialized and experienced manpower in the interests of all stakeholders in the region.

Mission Statement

Providing investment consulting services and industrial consulting services to entrepreneurs and investors, managing and supervising industrial and agricultural projects and implementing industrial projects in the country based on organizational efficiency and technical knowledge of experts, observing financial and economic principles, promoting reputation Commercial with the aim of building trust and satisfaction of all stakeholders.