Advising investment priorities

Advising investment priorities – While welcoming foreign investment in Iran and investment opportunities in Iran, the Iranian government urges foreign investors to study the Law on Encouragement and Support of Foreign Investment and its regulations carefully enough to become familiar with their rights. Investment facilities and protections should also be informed of their legal obligations and requirements within the framework of this law.

The use of foreign financial resources and credit lines, which has become common in Iran in the name of financing, for the implementation of projects and the purchase of equipment and capital goods for production projects, as well as technical and engineering services of projects, is done in accordance with financial agreements with foreign creditors.

The implementation process of this method is based on the latest resolution of the esteemed Council of Ministers of the Government of Iran and the criteria of the Fifth Development Plan and is as follows:

Acceptable activities
Bail required
Interest rates and costs
Payment ceiling
Duration of using the facility
Repayment period
Government and non-government sector
External Resources Guide You refer to the process of reviewing the application of foreign investors in the investment organization up to the stage of issuing a foreign investment license. The steps are as follows:

The process of reviewing the application of foreign investors in the investment organization up to the stage of issuing the investment license
Guaranteed and supportive coverage by the Iranian government
Salary, facilities and support of foreign investors by the Iranian government
Obligations and legal requirements of foreign investors
Total benefits and guaranteed facilities to the foreign investor
Investment priorities in Iran are divided into the following three main parts based on the National Development Document:

Business investment opportunities
Industry investment priorities
Mining investment priorities

Iran’s trade investment priorities are as follows ( Advising investment priorities ) :

Establishment of the province’s international exhibition in a permanent location
Establishment of a permanent exhibition of handmade carpets
Creating a guild bank
Development and strengthening of commercial infrastructure such as the establishment of export terminals
Establishment of sea and air lines to export the country’s goods to markets appropriate to the needs
Establish logistics settlements or commercial hubs
Creation and development of guild settlements
Establishment and development of chain stores (supplier of goods and services)
Creating fruit and vegetable fields
Creation and development of virtual stores and network marketing
Development and quality improvement of guild services with the aim of customer satisfaction
Development and organization of distribution companies and support for the establishment of logistics companies
Creating capable companies for marketing and exporting industrial goods

Advising investment priorities

Iran’s industrial investment priorities were divided into the following main sections:

pharmaceutical Industries
Food industry
electronics industry
Machinery and equipment industries
Textile and clothing industries
Petrochemical and refinery industries
Polymer industry
Cellulose Industries
chemical industry
Medical equipment industry
Automotive, auto parts and propulsion industries

Iran’s mineral investment priorities are as follows:

Metals and metal products
Non-metallic minerals
1) Priority of Iranian investments in the field of mining exploration

Exploration of copper and polymetals
Phosphate exploration
Nickel exploration
Exploration of raw materials for aluminum production with bauxite priority
Exploration and exploration of crude iron ore
Complementary exploration to identify precious and semi-precious stones
2) Priority of Iranian investments in the mining sector

Exploitation and mechanized extraction of coal mines
Utilization of brines for potassium and magnesium extraction
Extraction of raw materials for the production of aluminum with bauxite priority
Exploitation of iron ore mines
3) Priority of Iranian investments in metals and metal products

Small diameter copper pipes
Copper wire of small diameter
Alloy steel wire 2.5 to 15 mm (in coil)
Aluminum foil under 9 microns
Aluminum wrapper
Special aluminum alloy sheet (deep tensile)
Types of flanges by forging method (with consumption standard in oil, gas and petrochemical industries)
Lightweight forged parts of the railway industry
Types of cast iron car parts (car box shells and other related industrial parts)
Car connecting rod by forging method
4) Priority of Iranian investments in non-metallic minerals

Extraction of salts from the salt of Lake Urmia
Extraction and recycling of refractory waste
Refractory fibers
Basalt fibers
Ceramic fibers
Delomite refractory brick
Hydrated lime
Briquettes from coal waste
Coal concentrate
Activated bentonite
Calcined dolomite
Porcelain and ceramic paints
Ceramic parts with special applications
Lightweight refractory parts and masses
Ceramic rollers
Industrial ceramics
Processing of precious and semi-precious stones
Zeolite processing
Fluorine processing
Refractory insulation boards (sheets)
Glass foam
Laboratory Tubes
Celar Glass
Pharmaceutical glass containers (vials)
Production of nano glass
Production of bricks in a modern way with the priority of reconstruction and modernization of the brick industry (change of technology to tunnel kiln)
Digital printing ink for the ceramic tile industry
Aluminum ceramic balls