EFQM Organizational Excellence Consulting

EFQM Model Excellence Consulting is performed by Optimizing Business Consulting Engineers. Leading organizations, using leading models, compete for excellence and exchange their experiences with successful organizations. Using the realistic image of the organization, the strengths and opportunities for improvement of the organization are identified. Behin Yab Tejarat Consulting Engineers is a provider of EFQM organizational excellence consulting services.

Why is choosing an EFQM Consultant an organizational excellence model?

According to the characteristics of EFQM Excellence Model, consulting in the field of EFQM Excellence Model has certain differences, some of which are as follows:
A) Given that the results of the evaluation using the EFQM Excellence Model are used to generate managerial feedback, consultants in this field should have consulting experience at senior management levels to be able to identify issues that are important to managers.
B) The model of excellence is a multifaceted model. The implication of this sentence is that the EFQM Excellence Model is involved in many approaches and dimensions of the organization by using the guidelines developed in C, and therefore one-dimensional and inexperienced consultants can provide the appropriate solutions to the causes of the organization’s losses. Provide.
C) Dozens of other reasons can be added to this article to remind us of the importance of choosing a suitable and experienced consultant. In order to provide EFQM consulting, in addition to having sufficient knowledge, knowledge and experience about the EFQM model, the EFQM consultant must also have appropriate knowledge and experience in specialized and working areas of the organization or with people who have sufficient knowledge and experience in this field. Are entitled to be placed.

Behin Yab Tejarat Consulting Engineers, with its capable and experienced staff in the following fields and under the title of EFQMT Consulting, provides the required advice in the field of EFQM Excellence Model to respected organizations and performs the following consultations.

EFQM Organizational Excellence Consulting

Types of services that can be provided in EFQM Organizational Excellence Consulting Model :

Your organization’s strengths and opportunities for improvement are identified using the self-assessment method based on the excellence model. Some of the services of the EFQM organizational excellence model in the field of EFQM consulting are as follows:

1- Self-assessment by questionnaire method

2- Self-assessment by questionnaire and workshop

3- Self-assessment by proforma method

4- Self-assessment by award simulation method

5- Self-assessment by integrated methods

Independent evaluation of the excellence model:

Another independent evaluation service is available in the field of EFQM consulting. Your organization will be evaluated independently by the EFQM evaluation team, and the evaluation report will identify strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Independent evaluation according to customers’ request can include:

1- Independent evaluation of EFQM

2- Malco Baldrige Independent Evaluation

3- Independent evaluation on the enamel of Deming model

And …

Implementation of improvement projects:

The management improvement projects identified in the self-assessment can be implemented in your organization with the guidance of the consulting team of Behin Yab Tejarat Consulting Engineers.

Improvement project services include:

1- Human resource management consulting

2- Strategic management consulting

3- Consulting management tools such as 360 degree evaluation method and…

4- Project management consulting

5- Sales and marketing consulting


Develop a model of excellence:

According to the experiences of organizational excellence consulting in different organizations and familiarity with global excellence models such as: Malcolm Baldrige and EFQM models, the excellence consulting team (EFQM consulting) designs the excellence model appropriate for your organization.

Developing a model of excellence in the parent company or holding company can determine a specific criterion for evaluating subsidiaries

Compilation of excellence model declaration:

Compiling a declaration is another EFQM consulting service of Optimizing Business Consulting Engineers. The performance of your organization’s activities is documented in the Excellence Declaration Booklet based on the principles and logic specified in the Excellence Model by Optimizing Business Consulting Engineers.