Industrial investment advice

Behin Yab Tejarat Industrial investment advice Consulting Engineers Group with the aim of attracting small investments from people with experience and skills in managing industrial units in order to invest industrially in various industries and provide part of the country’s need for industrial products, technology development, access to world-class technologies, value creation Increased profitability was established for its shareholders and contributed to industrial development and job creation in the country.

Behin Yab Tejarat Consulting Engineers Group assists you in all stages of industrial investment with the aim of providing comprehensive services:

The services provided are as follows in Industrial investment advice:

Study and offer investment or work development based on customer capabilities( Industrial investment advice )
Provide reviewed plans for secure investment
Conducting feasibility studies (justification plan)
Advice on obtaining the necessary permits
Borrowing advice from banks and financial institutions (justification plan, negotiations, etc.)
Advice on attracting foreign investment and obtaining financing
Consulting to select technical knowledge of technology based on investment volume and economic capacity
Project location consulting
Advice on buying domestic and foreign equipment
Factory installation advice
Contract management services (management of domestic and foreign contractors for construction of machinery and facilities, supervision of engineering and design, etc.)
Doing the project as EPC
Operation consulting (branding, production management and working capital, etc.)
Training of human resources according to international standards related to the field of investment
Product market study and sales process design
Scientific study and identification of related target markets by MED specialists and experts
Study of production processes and production optimization and management of financial and human resources
Review and present development plans
List of investment priorities in the field of industry, mining and trade, which has been compiled based on Iranian government programs.
As you know, the purpose of prioritizing the field of activities listed in the list of announcements is to support the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade and to offer support requests from other agencies.

Obviously, these investment opportunities are determined based on the general studies of the government and the needs of the country. Successful investment in any of these areas requires effort in various aspects of the project, including the following:

Complete feasibility studies with detailed studies of domestic and foreign markets (due to the need to export some products)
Long-term planning regardless of the current government support of that industry
Trying to attract foreign investment as direct or indirect investment (BOT, EPCF and…)
Applying up-to-date technical knowledge and product development capability through research, development and design in investments
Employing experts in each industry and optimal design based on the investment volume and economic capacity of each project
Employing a strong project management team and investment to manage fundraising, project costs and project progress
Design and management of market and branding
Human resources management
Production planning and management of working capital resources

The importance of doing industrial investment consulting

The need to use investment consulting services and the role of these consulting institutions in investing at the micro and macro levels is of great importance and is an important component in the field of financial and investment activities. .
With the advancement of knowledge and technology and the increasing complexity of competition in today’s business world, the need for economic analysis and investment has become increasingly apparent. As one of the main distinguishing features of organizations in the competitive world is adopting the right strategies and orientations in investing and conducting economic activities. Therefore, organizations should strive not only to improve their performance but also to improve and maintain their activities by using the latest knowledge and technology and the right decisions as well as the facilities, assets and resources available to achieve the highest effectiveness. يابند. After all, the resources of any organization are limited and organizations have to plan effectively to make the best use of them. Undoubtedly, economic consulting and investment services will lead to the achievement of appropriate solutions for the optimal allocation of resources and the correct organizational orientation with greater ease and accuracy.
The need to use investment consulting services and the role of these consulting institutions in investing at the micro and macro levels, has created the grounds for the formation of consulting companies in the investment environment. In this regard, one of the requirements for achieving sustainable and effective development, especially in developing countries; Select, prioritize, and carefully evaluate economic and investment plans. Although the emergence of investment consulting companies, planning and evaluation of projects in our country is an excuse to receive banking facilities, in developed countries these institutions have a position of knowledge and expertise in advancing individual and collective economic goals and an important component in the field. Development of financial and investment activities are considered.

Philosophy of formation of industrial investment companies

Industrial investment advice – In general, achieving the goals of economic development requires the tools and institutions that human beings have created during their evolutionary process. The specialization of affairs, especially after the formation of the Industrial Revolution in the West, necessitated the creation of financial and monetary institutions.

In this regard, it was one of the development institutions of investment consulting companies, which was formed with the aim of establishing a relationship between financial and monetary institutions and owners of business ideas and plans in the investment process, which largely focused on the feasibility of an economic or investment plan. It has reached the necessary maturity and evolution.

Industrial investment advice

Orientation in the Industrial investment advice process

Investment consulting firms are capital transmitters for investing in profitable activities. This transfer should be in a way that poses the least risk to investors.

Knowledge is the most important tool of economic development in different societies, so that it is the main factor and input in the process of production and economic growth, so consulting institutions are also based on this specialized knowledge. And financial engineering is an investment plan that is the most important factor in its success or failure.

Investment development in the world has created institutions that direct and direct investments and prioritize economic activities. Investment consulting companies have grown and matured along with the development of other economic sectors and today are the most influential factor in economic mobilization in different countries.

In recent years, the public sphere of society has been good in welcoming consulting services in the investment sector, and people have come to the need to improve the performance of capital and the implementation of investment projects need efficient consultants. On the other hand, the legal requirements that have been created in this field to reduce the risk of banking facilities and reduce investment risk have made investment consulting companies find a better position.

There is now a culture in society (both in the private and public sectors) that investors must use the expertise of those active in the field in order to accurately assess and reduce risk.

The role of consulting companies in the economy

In the recent past in our country, the way of dealing with any new project or investment was a complete focus on its technical and technological feasibility, and many plans or projects begin without conducting economic, social and feasibility studies, evaluations and studies.

For this reason, a significant number of large projects did not achieve the set goals and sometimes failed due to the increase in cost and length of implementation time and the many consequences that result from them. But now, with the passage of time and the impact of the country’s economic and human capital on the inappropriate results of using this method, and with the continuous follow-up of companies and organizations that understood the need for such studies, the use of economic consulting and investment The consequences of the implementation and implementation of various plans before making investments, is necessary and inevitable for all investors.

Accordingly, to start any new investment or project, what should be considered most of all is to perform detailed analyzes and studies, or in other words, feasibility study of the project. By using economic studies and evaluations and feasibility studies, brilliant results of the project can be achieved by taking a comprehensive and accurate look at the available resources and planning for their optimal allocation. What is more, implementing investment plans without conducting these studies exposes organizations to many risks.

The most important point in using investment consulting services is to reduce the risk in the process of implementing an economic plan. As you know, investing in different projects is always summed up in choosing between risk and return, so risk reduction is an effective factor in the success of investment projects.

The role of consulting firms in the successful implementation of economic projects is not hidden from anyone, so economic plans must be able to be defended in public. Therefore, using the potential capabilities of these companies is very effective in reducing investment risk.

Industrial investment advice