What is Iran Code?

By definition, Iran can be said to be the code of the same national classification system of Iran as goods and services. In fact, Iran controls the basic information chain of the supply chain in the field of goods and services and is a symbol for identifying these goods. Using the existing standards and laws, this system offers a uniform and integrated concept for coding goods and services, and provides all information related to the validity of goods, such as supplier references, technical specifications, and national and international standards. It registers and stores in itself.

Benefits of Iran Code:

1- Creating a common language and simplifying, speeding up and creating confidence in the exchange of information and access to it
2- Obtaining the information needed for decision-making, planning and policy-making activities
3- Creating integrated systems at the national level, such as the country’s trade information network
4- Creating a platform to prevent the re-operation of systems that will come in the future
5- Fast and accurate transfer of information related to the centers of supply, production, sale and market of goods
6- Prevent wasting financial and human resources

Iran Electronic Catalog Code

Iran Electronic Catalog is an electronic document code that contains the credit and technical specifications taken from the basic information of each product based on standardized Irancode data. Within the Irancode portal, for each product or service, there is a special page called the electronic catalog of the product or service, in which information about the product or service can be seen. This information includes the national code and GS1 code of the goods or services, the basic information of the goods or services, including the supplier, the correspondence of international systems and its technical specifications.

Iran Services Code:

Iran Code system issues a 16-digit national code for each product that is offered in the country based on the information provided by the supplier of that product and publishes the identification card of that product in the form of an electronic catalog.

Elements of the national numbering system of goods and services:

A) National product code: The most famous product of Iran Code is the 16-digit product code. This code consists of 3 parts. The first part is seven digits and states what kind of product is and what group of products belongs in the product classification system. The second part is 5 digits and states who offers this product, and in the third part, which is 4 digits, the specifications of the supplier to describe the product are done. In fact, Iran Code creates and develops a standard for identifying, describing and naming goods at the national level.

B) National Portal: The National Commodity Portal is a comprehensive virtual and electronic portal on which all goods and services in the country will be gradually visible. In fact, all goods that receive the National Commodity Code or Iran Code, also receive an electronic booth on the National Commodity Portal where they can display their goods. Each type of product is divided into main groups and specialized subgroups according to what it is, according to the user’s need for a type of product, no matter how small and specialized, through the icons embedded in the portal. Can access that product. In this case, he can see all the manufacturers or suppliers, for example, a cookie that offers the desired product in the country together, compare the price, quality, geographical distribution and other parameters and finally Communicate with suppliers with the least time and cost.

Necessary documents for natural persons:

1. Business license (for union members)

2. Operating license (for producers members of the Ministry of Industry) / If you are in the administrative process, it is enough to provide an establishment license. Otherwise, you must sign and email the commitment form to deliver the establishment license or operating license as soon as possible.

3. National card of the holder of a business license or exploitation license

4. Trademark registration (brand registration) advertisement for distributors of goods

5. Construction license

6. Receipt of registration fees to the account of the National Center for Numbering of Goods and Services of Iran

7. Presenting a business card (for importers and exporters)

Explanation: In general, both natural and legal persons must have an establishment license and a trademark in order to obtain the Iran Code.

Necessary documents for legal entities:

1. Establishment announcement

2. Official Gazette and the latest registration of changes (valid) to obtain Iran Code

3. Operating license (for manufacturing companies)

4. Manufacturing license (food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies)

5. Business card (for importers and exporters)

6. National card of the CEO

7- Receipt of registration fees to the account of the National Center for Numbering of Goods and Services of Iran

To receive Iran code, you can call 02145518 or 09120253390