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Organizations seeking ISO certification must go through a process in which the relevant standard requirements are established (usually with the help of an ISO consultant) and then an ISO certification body audits the organization and, if successful. The organization issues a certificate. Undoubtedly, today’s competitive market and rising levels of customer expectations require a scientific and logical approach to management and quality. Because the obvious effect of management performance is the continuous increase in quality in service delivery. Commercial and public organizations and companies are considered as institutions and organizations of society. Their existence is not for their own sake, but they are created in order to achieve a specific social goal and meet a specific need in society, organization and for a group of individuals or individuals. They are not an end in themselves but a means to an end.
Standards are used by organizations to manage various aspects of organizational services and activities, and ISO is one of those standards. There are many definitions in this regard.
According to the British Standards Institution (BSI), standards are an accepted way of doing things. Regarding standardization and standardization, ISO has defined the following definitions:
A standard is a document that contains rules, guidelines, and characteristics for activities or their results for general and frequent use, provided by consensus and approved by a recognized organization, with the goal of achieving the desired degree of order in a particular field.
In small organizations where there is no system, the way things are done is probably not recorded anywhere. But it is designed and exists for the manager or owners of organizations. What ISO implements, especially in larger and more individual organizations, is the writing and recording of methods, procedures, guides, forms, and documentation. ISO ensures that everyone knows what to do and that commitment to work is built on structured and orderly instructions. Therefore, time, money and resources are used optimally through ISO. For greater efficiency and effectiveness, the organization manages the way things are done according to ISO through a systemic approach. In fact, ISO ensures that nothing significant is left out and that everyone is responsible for what they do.
Today, in order to achieve competitive advantage and performance at the world class level, organizations need to comply with the minimum requirements in relation to the environment, employees, customers, competitors, community, suppliers, etc. Therefore, they are committed to obtaining ISO in their field of activity. Organizations need the approval of reputable bodies that are familiar with principles such as ISO, in order to demonstrate their commitment to achieving stakeholder satisfaction and to display an appropriate image at the level of national and international interactions. The effectiveness of decisions and the achievement of the desired results in order to determine policies depends on the identification of synergistic ways of using various relevant methods, all of which can be achieved through the correct and complete implementation of ISO standards.

ISO Cheragh Consultant is the way to achieve the desired growth and development of companies. He first introduces the appropriate standard for the organization’s activities, then introduces all the centers for awarding these standards to the applicants and validates them.

The consultant determines the cost and time of each of the valid ISO standards for the applicant according to the centers that grant it. On the other hand, the difficulties of obtaining ISO are different from different paths and require different efforts.

The consultant will guide the applicant according to the time available to him / her and the cost of obtaining the ISO.

It is good to know that due to the importance of ISO, the increasing demand for ISO and the crowded market for ISO, some people are looking to profit from the applicants, so we must avoid misinformation and scammers.

The volume of information in this field is very high and there are many institutions that grant this standard, so it is up to your conscious minds, dear applicants, to determine the accuracy of this information and the credibility of the institutions.

In this way, it is good to take shorter, easier and cheaper ways to obtain ISO by using valid advice.

iso consulting

Regarding ISO , we need to know a theory that is considered as a standard basis:

ISO Consultant and Consulting
ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is an independent and non-governmental international organization that sets the level of global standard for many products. ISO is a global network of standardization with 164 members worldwide with thousands of documents to improve the quality of products by drafting, reviewing, voting and publishing. ISO 22532 has published international standards and related documents and covers almost every industry; From technology, food safety to agriculture and healthcare.

ISO certification means the provision of a written guarantee by an independent organization that the product, service or system operates in accordance with specific requirements. Types of ISO certifications are validation tools to show customer satisfaction with a product or service. ISO sets international standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and many more, but the certification is done by the ISO certification body outside the ISO. Having ISO certification proves that companies have complied with all the rules and regulations of international standards.

ISO in Iran

Standardization work in Iran began with the passage of regulations in 1925, and the establishment of an office in the Ministry of Commerce in 1953 formed the basic structure of the institute. In 1960, with the approval of the constitution of the Institute of Standards of Iran, standardization in Iran began within a specific framework to address its specific goals and responsibilities. In 1997, with an amendment to the law of the Standard Organization of Iran (ISIRI), the highest rank for ISIRI policies was elected by the Chairman of the Council of the Standard Organization (President). ISIRI joined ISO in 1960 and is active in many technical committees and subcommittees. ISO 3166 is a standard code defined by the International Organization for Standardization to assign a unique code to each country; ISO 3166-2: IR is part of the ISO standard for Iran.

ISO Consulting

Small organizations and companies are sometimes confused between different ISO certifications and the process of doing so, so they seek out consultants to help them in the process of obtaining ISO certification. In fact, it is a smart move because ISO consultants are experienced people who know what documents are needed and how these documents should be applied. Given that the ISO standard is used worldwide, there is almost a constant demand from organizations that feel they need ISO consulting to be able to do exactly what the standard sets out and how. Demonstrate the relevance of these specific requirements to their own business. A good ISO consultant will quickly identify the best solution to meet the requirements of ISO standards and ISO issuance processes.

ISO Consultant works tirelessly to develop sustainable systems, provide consulting services for training, guidance, documentation, implementation, auditing and provide excellent ISO consulting to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. ISO consultants provide services for all major system standards and help organizations obtain ISO certification and facilitate the process. The ISO consultant designs the management system of the organization according to the size and scope of each organization and then gives the necessary training to the employees of the organization and accompanies the organization until the stage of obtaining ISO certification and prepares the organization for the final audit of ISO issuance.

Select ISO Consulting

ISO Advisor saves you time and money and avoids common mistakes and large sums of money. An ISO consultant also knows the process of obtaining ISO certifications well and speeds up the related operations. The choice of an ISO consultant should be based on each individual’s abilities, and the small amount or use of ISO words that even he does not understand can not be a criterion for a good consultant. Of course, any person or organization can try to find an ISO consultant in Google in their city, which will find many companies, but good and experienced consultants can be selected based on their background, skills and knowledge.