Knowledge based consulting

Knowledge based consulting  – Knowledge-based companies and institutions are private companies or cooperatives or institutes that aim to increase science and wealth, develop a knowledge-based economy, achieve scientific and economic goals (including the development and application of inventions and innovations), and commercialize research and development results (including design and Production of goods and services) in the field of superior technologies and high added value, especially in the production of related software. Simply means ideas and technical knowledge that leads to the production of products or services and innovation and innovative and research Enjoy.

In the registration of a knowledge-based company, according to the explicitness of the law, a private company or cooperative or legal institution must be registered. The possibility of participating in the establishment of a private or cooperative company or legal institution with government institutions or universities and research institutes, which are also not able to receive services directly, is possible with a maximum of 49% government shares. Applicant companies after the production of knowledge-based goods and services or production plan (for start-ups), are evaluated according to the regulations approved by the working group, and for a limited time can use the facilities and benefits of the law and to extend the benefits The law must be re-evaluated. Therefore, the possibility of using the benefits of the law can not be commented at the time of registration of the company and the evaluation is based on the performance of companies after the registration and operation of the company.

Types of knowledge-based companies:
Companies producing goods and services
Industrial companies

Start-ups are companies that have not been established for more than 3 years. In order for these companies to be protected by law:

They must manufacture and present the goods as laboratory samples for the purpose of production and sale.
Have at least two part-time employees, one of whom specializes in knowledge-based goods and services.
Knowledge-based manufacturing and industrial companies in the form of companies and large industries operate as technical companies that must have one of the following conditions:

The total income of the company in the last fiscal year (provided it is included in the tax return) from the sale of knowledge-based goods and services is at least 3 million rials or at the same time more than 10% of the income of the last fiscal year of the company. With a history of paid insurance for at least 3 full-time employees of the company in the last 6 months.
The construction of equipment or knowledge-based processing that the company intends to use to produce goods and services is at the same time at least 50% of last year’s financial income, which is mentioned in the company’s tax return.
Construction of equipment or knowledge-based processing at least as much as the laboratory sample that the company intends to use to produce goods and services. At the same time, the maximum age of the company is 3 years and has at least 2 part-time manpower.

Knowledge based consulting

Goods and services of knowledge-based companies must have the following conditions:

At the technological level: Goods and services should be in the fields of high or medium technology and should be difficult to copy due to technical complexity.
Production stage: The offered goods must be in the production stage or at least as a laboratory sample with the capability of technical inspection and also the services must have sales documents.
Mastery of technical knowledge: The company must have acquired technical knowledge of product and service design and implementation of the production process of goods and services.
Universities and governmental and non-governmental higher education and research institutes are allowed to create and participate in knowledge-based companies in which a maximum of 49% of shares belong to universities and research institutes and other government units and the rest belong to faculty members and students. Other stakeholders with the private sector are to be knowledge-based. If the university shares are more than 50%, it is considered a state-owned company (government knowledge-based company), and if the university shares are less than 50%, it is a private knowledge-based company.

Knowledge-based companies are companies that, after producing services (knowledge-based), knowledge and providing a solution for its production, can use the benefits and legal facilities for a certain period of time until the original knowledge is produced.

Knowledge-based companies are companies that can earn a minimum income for a short period of time through the sale of technology (services), in which case they can use proprietary indicators through this method to obtain facilities and benefits.

Keep in mind that in registering knowledge-based companies, state-owned companies – public and non-governmental institutions, as well as companies and institutions that are more than 50% owned by the public sector – can not contract in knowledge-based companies and enjoy the benefits and protections of knowledge-based law.

In order to register a knowledge-based company, all information related to shareholders and board members and the company’s resume and information within the organization must be examined to determine whether they include a knowledge-based company or not.

Companies located in the Science and Technology Park still need to be evaluated. The presence of faculty members in companies can be a great help in evaluating a knowledge-based company.

Important points in registering a Knowledge based consulting

The use of the relevant support is subject to the inquiry of the support body of the Secretariat of the Working Group for Evaluation and Recognition of Knowledge-Based Companies and Institutions and the implementation and approval by this Secretariat.
In case of violation and unauthorized use, the facilities will not be used for the production of technology in accordance with the penalties of Article 11 of the Law on the Protection of Knowledge-Based Companies.
Please note that approved companies do not have a specific license or certificate.

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