Production plan for automotive aluminum parts

Automotive Aluminum Parts Production Plan – Aluminum is a light metal, with a light color, resistant to many chemical factors such as rust, corrosion, etc., and this prominent property has led to the fact that many automobile parts can be made of it today. The combination of this metal with the metal on the formation of an alloy under the name of Zamak gives that in the above alloy many technical defects of aluminum have been eliminated and the ability to produce a wide variety of parts for various branches of industry, including automobiles, has been provided.

Parts made of aluminum are 3.2 times more expensive than steel, so according to estimates, about 11% of a car’s parts are made up of aluminum parts. These parts are in different parts of the engine, transmission, body and … The car is used and this shows the importance of these parts in the automotive industry. Aluminum parts are produced in various ways, including machining, hand casting, pressure casting, and threading. In the present plan, the goal is to produce aluminum parts in different ways.

According to the decrees issued by the Ministry of Commerce, there are no legal restrictions on the import of auto parts, but it is necessary to pay attention to the following very important point in this regard.

A- The auto parts market in our country is divided into three groups: oem, oes and am, and the purchase conditions of these groups are as follows.

OEM market plan

In this market, parts are completely supplied from inside the country, and therefore if it is not possible to manufacture domestically for existing parts. The automaker directly imports the required part. Therefore, import by other than selling it to the automaker does not happen (the automaker does not buy imported parts).

OES market

The conditions of this market are similar to the conditions mentioned for the OEM market.

 AM market automotive aluminum parts

Competitive conditions are established in this market. Therefore, if the imported parts are able to compete in terms of quality and price with similar domestic items, it will be possible to import.

In view of the above, it can be said that in practice, the possibility of importing and selling parts in the OEM and OES market was only possible for car companies, but in the AM market, different units can import and sell spare parts for cars.

B- Aluminum parts are classified in the group of slow-moving car parts, so its consumption in the after-sales service market is much lower than the car manufacturers’ market, so that the vast majority of these parts are consumed in the OEM market, and therefore the amount of imports. It will be at a low level.

C – According to the above, it can be concluded that despite the lack of restrictions on imports, the import of these parts is practically impossible or occurs at a very low level.

– Examining the existing standards about the product The product under study is aluminum car parts that will be produced in different ways. These parts are used as an intermediate product in the production or repair of vehicles.

Therefore, the nature of these parts is such that no specific standard can be set for them and therefore there is no national or international standard for these parts. However, it should be said that the production of these parts is done under the technical specifications provided by car manufacturers, which in a way we can consider the above specifications as requirements and standards required in production. The technical specifications of the parts in the form of technical drawings, analysis sheets of raw materials and mechanical and metallurgical specifications are prepared and presented by each automaker, and the observance of each of them by the manufacturers is inevitable.

Introducing the uses and applications of the products

The product of the design is the aluminum parts of the car and therefore it is quite clear that the use and application of these parts in car manufacturing. Below are some important components for each vehicle.

Cylinder head shell

Collage shell

Oil pump shell

Gearbox shell

Steering box shell

Tuber shell

Submotor shell

Mirror holder parts

Command crown

Wheel Rims

Triangular body

Some of these cuts are made by die-casting and others by sand-casting or machining.

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