Preparation of investment packages

Preparation of investment packages -It is prepared by organizations in charge of attracting investors to acquaint investors with investment opportunities in a geographical sector (province-free zone-special zone-municipality) or an economic sector (petrochemical-oil and gas-tourism-food-agriculture, etc.). Slowly

In general, an investment package is a set of documents, and pre-feasibility studies or even a feasibility study of a project, which includes economic, technical, and financial studies, etc., along with how and how to implement it. Project.

In fact, it includes technical and economic information and how to participate and other documents related to the project, according to which investors can have better investment decision-making power to make a quick choice in relation to the project.

Important items in these packages:

Investable eligibility assessment
Feasibility study which includes economic study, technical study and financial study and environmental study.
Business Plan
How to participate
Risk analysis
In these packages, first, the investment opportunities of the sector in question are calculated and prioritized according to the macro goals, upstream policies, infrastructure, capabilities and constraints of the sector. After that, based on the resources and macro policies of the organization, the Pre-FS preliminary feasibility study is prepared for a number of priority topics and the FS is prepared for a number of complete feasibility studies.
Business Optimizer, considering more than ten years of experience in the field of investment consulting and membership in specialized and scientific societies, considers these packages as one of the effective ways to attract investors (domestic or foreign) and in this regard is ready to prepare packages for Announces ministries, governorates, municipalities, organizations, free zones and special zones.

Among the works done in this field is the preparation of investment packages of the provinces at the request of the governorships of different provinces, including 19 preliminary justification plans in the fields of industrial and agricultural justification plans. Also, an investment package has been prepared for the Supreme Council of Free Zones, which includes 35 preliminary justification plans in the fields of tourism and industry. Another investment package has been prepared for Kish Investment and Development Company, including 9 preliminary justification plans.

To download the justification plan for free in all areas of industrial justification plan, agricultural justification plan, service justification plan and also preparation of investment packages, you can visit Behin Yab Tejarat website or by calling 021-45518 and 09120213393 And submit your request for justification plan.