Valuation of stocks, plans and projects

Valuation of stocks , plans and projects – Nowadays, the issue of valuation of companies / part-time projects has become one of the most important issues for most investors and shareholders, because based on valuation models, they can price their assets and securities and buy based on it. Or decide to sell it.

In other words, based on valuation models, losses due to price reductions can be avoided and gains due to increase in asset prices can be welcomed. Given this, the valuation of assets, including securities and real assets, is one of the main pillars influencing investment decisions. Also, the proper and correct valuation of assets leads to the optimal allocation of capital resources. In contrast, incorrect valuation and failure to use appropriate methods in determining the true value of assets leads to inefficient allocation of capital and waste of capital resources.

Stock valuation methods

Valuation methods are generally classified into three general categories:

1- Alternative asset / value-based methods
2- Relative valuation methods
3- Methods based on income flows

Our service package

In view of the above objectives and in order to provide a complete service package, this consultant is ready to provide services in the following areas in addition to evaluating companies, projects and investment plans:
1- Consulting in the field of ways to increase the value of company registration (based on the basic assumptions of valuation models)
2- Preparing the supply in the stock market
3- Buy / sell negotiations
4- Holding the auction (designing the auction documents and its executive management)
5- Designing the gradual process of merging and acquiring companies and supervising its implementation