Familiarity with the field of metal industry

Familiarity with the field of metal industry –

After the discovery of metal by humans, the role of this element became so amazing that in the name of an important and practical industry, it transformed human life and progressed so much that it was renamed from an industry to a metal industry.
Various molds that can be used to expand the applications of this industry from metal and create different disciplines. What should not be overlooked is the competition of the plastic industry, which has opened its place in industrial societies due to its cheapness, lightness and beauty.

Metal industry is in fact the science of using metal in industry and how to use it in industry.

Due to the efficiency of metals and their widespread use, structures, semi-finished and metal products in production, industrial and service centers are of special importance and in order to develop industries and the multiplicity of metal products, use new technology in design and calculation. Metal structures are very impressive and the industrial society of the country is in dire need of graduates in this field.

Students in this field during their studies with technical calculations, technical drawing, welding technology, including: electric arc, resistance and gas flame, technology and workshop of deformation of semi-structures, general metallurgy and knowledge of industrial materials, machine components, cutting and deformation They get acquainted with metal semi-finished products, sheet metal and so on.

The purpose of the string

The purpose of this course is to train skilled metalworkers who can work in factories and workshops of metal industries that produce all kinds of home appliances – office – laboratory – metal structures and ساز. Also, students in this field, while being able to perform electric and gas welding and perform handicrafts, including engraving, cutting, drilling, bending, smoothing, scissors, and familiarity with the properties of materials and metals, and designing and manufacturing metal models and the ability to deform metals in the production of metal products. Gain skills.

Specialized courses in the field

Technical Calculations 1- General Mechanics Workshop – Gas Welding Workshop Technology – Electric Welding Workshop Technology – Technology and Workshops for Changing Semi-Structures 1 and 2 – Specialized Technical Calculations – General Metallurgy and Recognition of Industrial Materials – Specialized Technical Drawing – Safety – General Technical Drawing – Technical Drawing 1 and 2 – Knowledge and properties of materials – Physics 2 – Machine components – Basics and application of computers – Internship

Ability of graduates of this field

Students in the field of metal industry, after completing two-year and four-year university courses, acquire skills in various professions related to this field, which include:

Ability to work with different types of welding motors

Ability to weld in all different situations on building steels and pipes

Ability to draw and estimate the cost of work and draw the expansion of various objects

Ability to calculate welding stresses

Ability to work with gas

Ability to work with all hand tools on worksheets

Ability to work with bending machines, sheet metal wheels, sheet cutting, rolling or sheet metal rollers (manual and machine)

Ability to build office equipment and cabinets and…

Ability to connect worksheets (screws and screws)

Ability to make different connections in steel structures

Ability to build doors and windows

Familiarity with electric arc cutting

Recognize all equipment related to gas welding

Recognize all equipment related to electric welding

Familiarity with different welding experiments

Familiarity with welding all types of cast iron and low alloy steel and non-ferrous metals

Familiarity with welding all types of cast iron and non-ferrous metals and hard solder.

Familiarity with hardening steel.

Familiarity with hot and cold plumbing and sewage

Future job position

Graduates of this field can work in the following situations:

As Grade 2 Electric Welding

As 2nd degree gas welding

As a tanker manufacturer

As a manufacturer of metal furniture and cabinets

Assembly in metal industry factories

Cutter in metal industry production plants

As a manufacturer of office supplies (desk, stationery, file, library, etc.)

Manufacture of home appliances and refrigerators, air conditioners and…

Agricultural industries (threshing body, etc.)

Automotive industry (car body and chassis)

Petroleum and petrochemical industries (transmission pipes, hooks, steam pipes, etc.)

Shipbuilding industry (hull and fuel tanks)

Aviation industries (fuselage and seat of aircraft, etc.)

Electrical industry Cutting, Welding military industries, Framing, Window harvesting

Bending of sheet metal, pipes and profiles

Gas and electricity cutting

Soft and hard solder

Welding of steel structures, water tanks and…

Gas flame welding, and electric arc and resistance

Welding with shielding gases and sub-powder

Welding with argon and consumable electrode

Continuing education of graduates of this field

Diplomas in this field can be in associate degree (post-diploma) in national universities. Free and applied science to continue their education and find their associate degree in separate fields of metal industry and welding. And to continue their undergraduate (bachelor) education, they can participate in the following fields and universities.

1- Universities of technical engineering disciplines such as industrial design and drawing – manufacturing and production – machine tools and…

2- Azad University, majoring in solid engineering

3- Comprehensive University of Applied Sciences and non-profit universities to participate in the field of welding engineering.