Saffron processing and packaging plan

Saffron processing and packaging plan – In the saffron processing and packaging plan, saffron is known as the most expensive crop in the world; A plant that symbolizes color and freshness and at the same time is beautiful and luxurious. Saffron cultivation has distinct characteristics and Iran is known as one of the countries prone to saffron cultivation and harvest in the world. In today’s report, we intend to provide information on investment opportunities in the cultivation of this valuable plant. In the next report, we will also discuss processing and by-products, as well as product packaging and branding.

Saffron processing :

Saffron processing and packaging plan – Although the cultivation and production of this product was introduced in the previous report as one of the safe investments in the market, but the truth is that the main profit in product processing and production of other products is based on saffron. In addition, the discussion of branding and packaging of this product is another investment opportunity. In fact, if there is a change in the cultivation of this product and the use of new methods in drying, as well as the development of processing and packaging and marketing of saffron, its added value will certainly multiply and farmers and the country’s economy will receive significant income.
Iran has done almost nothing in the field of branding and positioning of saffron in the world, and in this regard, there is a lot of potential in the country for large and, of course, successful investments.

The issue of selling saffron raw is one of the most important problems in the country’s saffron production and export industry, which has become very popular due to the lack of adequate processing and packaging industries in saffron-rich areas, especially in the last two decades, and each year causes losses to farmers and the export market. This product imports. However, in addition to creating jobs in remote areas, saffron processing and packaging industries can increase the added value and profitability of this rare gold.
Studies show that the grade and location in which saffron is produced are considered as the main indicators for saffron pricing. This red gold is sold in world markets today for about 5 to 7 million tomans per kilo, which increases by 30% with a sorting and packaging of this product, and this is the profit that the Iranians have withheld.
In fact, one of the easiest ways to invest in this field is to discuss branding and packaging. A company that can introduce itself among the saffron providers by examining the export markets as well as considering the customer’s taste and using the latest marketing tools, and also include the name of Iran on its packaging and make the main profit in its pocket.
Investigations by the “Opportunity Today” investment group show that you need about 2 billion tomans of capital to start a packaging company in different weights, according to the packaging machines and the space required for work. In addition, for marketing and market identification, you will need experts in this field, but this is not the only thing that can be done, and more than packaging, it is the processing products that, although it requires less financial capital, requires high creativity and entrepreneurship. .
Start investing in this field, we must promote the relevant industries and start processing saffron-related products with entrepreneurship and creativity. “Our company, as a knowledge-based company, has been operating in this field for many years and has introduced many products based on saffron,” he says. What needs to be considered is that our target market is clear and then, given that we intend to operate for the domestic market or to respond to export markets.
Saffron has many health and medical properties, such as happiness, cardiovascular strengthening, anti-Alzheimer’s and anti-depressant properties are the most important properties of this expensive plant. Also, due to its good taste, excellent aroma and interesting color that it gives to food and snacks, it can be well used in processing as a flavoring.
Products such as saffron gum, tablets that dissolve in milk and boiling water, saffron flavored teas, and saffron-flavored yogurt and saffron salads are all derivatives of saffron that can be tested in each according to the consumer market to see if they have an economic advantage. Or not.

Doctors believe that if a person consumes 30 mg of saffron a day, he will never get Alzheimer’s, and we should increase the number of processed saffron products and increase the number of times of daily use among people, and the only solution to this processing problem is This is a product and the production of by-products. We must turn to new marketing methods and gain a place for ourselves in the world, by processing we can turn a traditional product into an industrial and popular product in the world.
Some countries, such as Spain and France, have been successful in processing this product, and we can succeed by localizing them well, while we have better and more available raw materials. It is interesting to know that even in France, saffron has been used well in the pharmaceutical debate and a kind of saffron pill has been produced that is sold in pharmacies.

Maintaining the reputation of the Iranian saffron product in the world and using the economic advantage of this product in the growth and development of the region, requires investment in the construction of conversion and packaging factories in the region.
Investment in this field can be entered from the amount of 500 million Tomans to higher amounts, depending on what product you have the ability and investment program, of course, the amount of your capital will be different.