Nut packaging

Nut packaging – Usually, dried fruits have been supplied in bulk in our country, but especially in the last two decades, the packaging of dried fruits of such products has become more popular and has even been able to be exported to other countries in the world. Therefore, in general, At present, these products are available in two packages and in bulk, which are: almonds, walnuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, fruit leaves (such as pears, apricots, etc.), dried berries, dried dates, Raisins The properties of the fruit leaf are almost the same as those of fresh fruit, except that drying methods can reduce some of the heat-sensitive nutrients to some extent, such as vitamin C. Drying has an effect on minerals and salts, or It has no carbohydrates and therefore dried fruit products are rich in a variety of minerals and vitamins that can be used in different seasons. Almonds and walnuts are also major sources of unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E. The packaging of the products is available in different shapes and weights. The machines have also been selected in such a way that they can produce different types of packaging and thus expand the range of consumers. Packaging from 5 kg for Approximate commercial and export uses up to 200 grams.

Nut packaging

Investigation of dried Nut packaging market

Major consumers: food and snacks industries
Demand: 50,000 tons per year
Forecasting the production capacity and composition of each project: 1100 tons per year

Production method and packaging technology of nuts

The production process includes harvesting, kerneling and cobbing, drying, product collection and product packaging.
Land area: 6000 square meters
Infrastructure level: 2000 square meters

Infrastructure facilities required for nuts packaging justification plan

Water consumption: 20,000 cubic meters per year
– Electricity consumption: 360 kWh per year
– Gas consumption: 15,000 cubic meters
Number and composition of manpower Nut packaging package: 25 people

Economic dimensions of dried fruit packaging design

Estimated total investment: 16,000 million rials
Estimated fixed investment: 8500 million rials

Predicting economic indicators of dried fruit packaging plan

Production break-even point in the base year: 45%
Repayment period: 4 years
Internal rate of return: 30%